All of our adult cats are beautiful and loving, by now they have developed their groove in life

and because we know each cat personally we can help you make the right choice,

if the cat doesn't choose you first.

The adoption fee for all cats is $200

*We spend a lot of time, give a lot of love and adore all of our adoptable babies as if they were our own and because we care so much we will only adopt to forever families who are able to have inside only cats or have an enclosed, safe and weatherproof outdoor cat area or run*

Rehoming # R251000002

*All our Adopted Fur Babies are De-sexed, micro-chipped, vaccinated to date and given a one month worm and flea treatment prior to adoption*

All cats in NSW must be lifetime registered with the local council which incurs a

$25 fee.

We ask all prospective new owners to make an appointment to view all available cats & kittens. Once they have chosen their friend an appointment is made at the vets for the cat or kitten to have any necessary vet work done.



It's kitten season, but please don't forget the pre-loved cats who end up in shelters & pounds everywhere, through no fault of their own.

Sure they may take a bit longer to settle, but given time they have so much love still to give.

A magical moment is when you come to look at these cats, & one chooses you. It might be the exact opposite of what you had in mind, but cats are much smarter than some people give them credit for.

So if need some love & are prepared to give a pre-loved cat a forever home please message me. They are in 2 locations, one in Lavington & other in West Wodonga. Take some time, I'll even make you a cuppa, & we'll see if you are chosen.

A selection of special cats.

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.Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.





Adopting a shy cat

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